About Ivana Raca

Ivana apprenticed in the culinary arts at Humber College, and at age seventeen took her first restaurant job in the kitchen at North 44. Just three years later, chef Mark McEwan made her his first female saucier. The trend continued: Ivana went on to serve as a the sous chef that launched ONE Restaurant, and at age 24 she became the first female executive chef at 6 million dollar food emporium McEwan Foods.

Her passion growing along with her reputation, she advanced to become the executive chef of corporate catering at Muzik Nightclub in late 2012. Shortly after, she traveled to Australia for two years, where she worked for Paul Froggatt, a Michelin 2-star chef in the Palazzo Versace. In early 2015, driven by her artistry and determination, she entered an Underground Chef Battle, where she made it to the final round.

Ivana’s long list of accomplishments also includes working closely with Mark McEwan on his cookbook, launching McEwan Catering, and appearing on the Shopping Channel alongside McEwan, as well as on his own own television program, The Heat. Even after all this, Ivana has more amazing things on the way for 2015.

Now, at 30, Ivana is ecstatic in opening Raca Café and Bar, her first premier eatery.